Entrance scholarships & bursaries

Entrance awards are awards for incoming students based on merits like academics, community involvement or leadership. Most entrance awards are automatic but others require an application through McMaster’s AwardSpring platform (available after you apply and get your MacID). Read on for more information!

Entrance Award FAQs

Am I automatically considered for all entrance awards?

No. While you don’t need to apply for automatic awards, you will need to apply to awards that match your eligibility.

Am I eligible for more than one automatic entrance award?

Students can be eligible for either the McMaster University  Award of  Excellence or the Faculty-specific Achievement Award.

Can I get help with AwardSpring?

Yes! Our AwardSpring guide walks you through everything you need to know.

Offer Letter FAQs

When will I know if there are any changes to my award offer?

Admission averages are re-calculated in August after the receipt of all final grades from OUAC. Awards are typically adjusted between the end of August to mid-September.

I didn’t receive a scholarship offer, what are my options?

You still have options!

Increasing your average to the automatic award cut-off will make you eligible for automatic awards.

You can also apply for awards on AwardSpring and through external sources.

Next Steps FAQs

Why did my pending aid disappear from my account summary in Mosaic?

Once we initiate the deposit of the award, its value will disappear from “Pending Aid” in Mosaic. Over the course of a day or two, the pending aid is removed and the deposit is completed. Please allow sufficient time for the transaction to complete and the funds to display on your account.

What if I have a credit on my account because of my award?

Your entrance award will be deposited into your student account towards your tuition and fees. If there are funds left over, you can request a payment to your personal account.

More on refunds


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