Enrolment verification

Proof of student data such as status, course enrolment, graduation date, degree program and more; can be a requirement for scholarships, RESPs, employment, university applications or immigration purposes. We can provide you with a letter or complete a form to verify your enrolment. Please note that degree verification can be completed by employers via Auradata.

Forms are not accepted via Mosaic until you are enrolled in all classes for the fall and winter terms. We will accept the following forms:

  • United Nations forms: August 3 (dependent on enrolment)
  • Scholarship forms: July 1 (dependent on enrolment)
  • RESP and CPP forms don’t need to be submitted for completion. Instead, download your enrolment letters from the drop-down menus in your Mosaic Student Centre (one for each term) and submit them with your form.

Please note certain students groups should reach out to the appropriate contact for enrolment verification as follows: