Fees & payment

Undergraduate fee estimator

Get an estimate on how much your undergraduate fees will be.

Undergraduate fee estimatorGo to the estimator

Undergraduate fees

Undergraduate tuition, supplementary and user fees broken down.

Undergraduate feesMore on undergrad fees

Graduate fees

Graduate tuition, supplementary and user fees broken down.

Graduate feesMore on graduate fees


Learn about dropping courses and/or withdrawing from the university.

WithdrawingMore on withdrawing

Fee deadlines

When do you have to pay your fees by?

Fee deadlinesGo to dates and deadlines

Residence & Meal Plans

Costs you can expect while living in residence.

Residence & Meal PlansGo to residence and meal plans

Payment methods

How to pay your fees.

Payment methodsDetails on payment methods


How to refunds work.

RefundsLearn more about refunds

Tax forms

How to access your tax forms & FAQs about the T2202 forms.

Tax formsLearn more about tax forms

Payment plan

Information on the university’s payment plan option.

Payment planMore on the payment plan

Financial terms & conditions of enrolment

Financial terms and conditions of enrolment, collections policies and general financial information.

Financial terms & conditions of enrolmentMore info on terms & conditions

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

What is a SIN, why we need it, and how to submit your SIN.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)SIN details

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