Proof of graduation

The Approved to Graduate/Post-Graduate Work Permit letter is available if you have a graduation status of ‘Approved to Graduate’ in Mosaic. Official transcripts stating your degree awarded and conferral date will be available the day after convocation. Please only request a letter or transcript if necessary for reasons such as immigration, employment, admission etc.

Follow these steps to make sure your credential is available as soon as possible:

  1. Complete the convocation forms tile in Mosaic.
  2. Before submitting a request, check your graduation status in Mosaic.
  3. Once your Mosaic Student Centre is updated to ‘approved to graduate’ by your Faculty Office you can request a verification letter.
  4. Download your letter or submit a Service Request to order your credential.
  5. Visit our Transcript Request Page in Mosaic after convocation to order your official transcript stating your degree awarded.

Reviewing is completed by your Faculty. Thank you for your patience as the Faculty Office completes reviewing and your request is processed. Requests made too early will be cancelled. Please remember to follow the steps for timely processing.

Have follow up questions? You can connect with Student Services via our online chat.

April 8 to June 17: Convocation forms tile open

You will need to complete the convocation tile to attend your convocation ceremony or have your diploma couriered following the ceremonies.

May 2 to June 3: Academic reviewing by the Faculties

During the month of May all student records for potential graduates are reviewed. Early diplomas can only be issued if you who have been approved by Senate for an early conferral. All other diplomas are released at the convocation ceremony or after convocation by courier. Diplomas are available for pick-up in the Office of the Registrar, Student Services (GH-108) starting in July.

May 4: Deadline for early conferral

Diplomas are released at convocation ceremonies scheduled on May 25/26 or the week of June 13. If you require your diploma for immigration or employment purposes, prior to convocation, May 4 is your last chance to request an early conferral. Please ensure that you complete the convocation tile found in the Mosaic Student Centre.

May 18: Senate approval of early conferrals

Senate approves eligible requests for early conferrals on May 18. Diplomas can be delivered via courier or pick-up in office, starting May 30.

May 13: Deadline to make a name change on your student record in Mosaic

You will need to submit any name changes for your your diploma and/or convocation ceremony by May 13.

May 20: Minor & Certificate Tile closes in the Student Centre

You can apply for your minor or certificate via the tile in the Mosaic Student Centre. If you miss the deadline, please connect with your Faculty Office to apply.

June 3: Approved to graduate status in Mosaic

Check your status in Mosaic for the results of your academic review. Following review, you will receive an invitation email for Marching Order (to order tickets for convocation) and download an Approved to Graduate letter from Mosaic. The Post Graduate Work Permit letter is also available following this date. Please submit your request via Service Requests in Mosaic.

June 13: Convocation ceremonies

Diplomas are conferred and available for pick-up at your scheduled convocation ceremony. Check the date of your Faculty’s ceremony on the convocation details page. Please note, diplomas are not available prior to this date unless you were approved by Senate for an early conferral of your degree.

June 17: Degree awarded updated in Mosaic

Degree awarded letters can be downloaded from Mosaic and transcripts are available with the degree awarded at the top of the transcript. Please select the e-transcript option for the quick delivery of your transcript.


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