Aid & Awards for Indigenous Students


There are a variety of financial aid and awards available specifically to students that self-identify as Indigenous (First Nation, Inuit or Métis). Additionally, Indigenous students may also be eligible for McMaster University’s Work Program, bursaries, scholarships and various federal and provincial student loan programs.

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Does band funding affect the amount of OSAP I will receive?

No. Indigenous students do not have to declare funding they receive from PSSSP on their OSAP application. Also, scholarships and bursaries will not affect your PSSSP or OSAP entitlement.

When is the deadline to apply for scholarships and bursaries?

Find out key dates and deadlines for all aid and awards here.

How do I apply for scholarships via AwardSpring if I don’t have OSAP?

You do not need to receive OSAP to apply for scholarships via AwardSpring. To apply, you must first complete common application. You can then and find all the scholarships you are eligible for and apply individually  for each.

I am in need of emergency financial support. What do I do?

Indigenous students experiencing a financial emergency may visit Indigenous Student Services (L.R.W Hall, 1811)  or contact Student Services to discuss and explore solutions.

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