Alumni transcript requests

Transcript request information

Official transcripts are available to current students in good standing and alumni. Transcript requests from students with outstanding student accounts will not be processed. A maximum of three transcripts can be requested at one time.

Processing information

There is no fee for this service. Please allow 7 business days for processing. Processing times vary depending on the time of year. Visit Canada Post for delivery times.

Please note: The Registrar’s Office is not responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail. The Registrar’s Office will not process transcript requests sent via email. These requests will be deleted.

Transcript attachments

When a cover letter or attachment is required by the receiving institution or organization, please upload the document to our secure MacDrive folder and we will attach it to the official transcript. Please indicate there is an attachment when ordering the transcript in Mosaic.

How to Apply 

Log in to Mosaic with your MacID and password. Navigate to your Student Center.

If you have never accessed Mosaic, or if you’ve forgotten your MacID, you will need to activate your credentials. 

Before you begin the activation process, you will need your student ID number, 14-digit barcode number and date of birth. If you do not have your student ID number and/or barcode number, please complete this request form.

We will provide you with your barcode and student ID number within five business days and you can activate your MacID, here

Once you have access to Mosaic, please continue to follow the steps to request a transcript.

In your Student Center, select the other academic drop down menu and select “Transcript: Request Official”. Use the “next” arrow.

Scroll down and select your processing options.

Quantity: You can order a maximum of three transcripts

Rush: Due to the COVID-19 service impacts, we are not currently processing rush requests 

Sealed Envelope: Check this box if you require the transcript to be in a sealed envelope. We suggest that you check this box if you are sending transcripts to professional organizations or other universities and colleges.

Transcript Attachment/Cover Page: Due to the COVID-19 service impacts,  we are not accepting attachments or including them in transcript requests.  Be sure to include the reference number/application numbers to your address line when ordering your transcripts.

Enter the address you would like to send it to.

If you would like it send to yourself and your address is up to date in Mosaic then you can check off Send To My Address and your address will populate.

If you need to send it to a different address, enter the person’s name or the name of the organization in the Send To field and then go to Edit Address. Fill out the exact address you would like it sent to. After you’re done, click OK.

Please verify that the “Send to” and “Address” fields are correct. Incomplete or wrong addresses will result in delayed processing/delivery.

Select submit. You’re all done! If you have selected an option that requires payment, then you will be taken to Moneris to pay for your request.

Important Dates & Deadlines