Alumni transcript requests

E-transcripts for alumni 

McMaster offers official e-transcripts for alumni through Parchment Ordering Services. This is the quickest, easiest way to get your official transcript sent directly to any email recipient. 

Transcript attachments

Please upload your cover letter/attachment when requesting your e-transcript through Parchment and it will be included in the email to the recipient.

Medical narratives

Instead of requesting an e-transcript in Parchment, select ‘Enrolment Verification’. In the special instructions, please indicate it is for a transcript and medical narrative. Once processed, both the transcript and medical narrative will be sent together. All credentials display the blue ribbon certification symbol when directed to a third-party.


If you are applying to a program through OUAC you need to submit a transcript request through the OUAC application centre. PDF transcripts are not accepted

Paper transcripts

We encourage all alumni to use Parchment to order transcripts. If a paper copy is required, you will need to access your Mosaic Student Centre and request it using the following steps. If you require assistance, please reach out to us on our live chat.

Log in to Mosaic with your MacID and password. Navigate to your Student Center.

If you have never accessed Mosaic, or if you’ve forgotten your MacID, you will need to activate your credentials.

Before you begin the activation process, you will need your student ID number, 14-digit barcode number and date of birth. If you do not have your student ID number and/or barcode number, please complete this request form.

We will provide you with your barcode and student ID number within five business days and you can activate your MacID, here.

Once you have access to Mosaic, please continue to follow the steps to request a transcript.

In your Student Center, select the other academic drop down menu and select “Transcript: Request Official”. Use the “next” arrow.

Scroll down and select your processing options.

Quantity: You can order a maximum of three transcripts

Enter the address you would like to send it to.

If you would like it send to yourself and your address is up to date in Mosaic then you can check off Send To My Address and your address will populate.

If you need to send it to a different address, enter the person’s name or the name of the organization in the Send To field and then go to Edit Address. Fill out the exact address you would like it sent to. After you’re done, click OK.

Please verify that the “Send to” and “Address” fields are correct. Incomplete or wrong addresses will result in delayed processing/delivery.

Select submit. You’re all done! If you have selected an option that requires payment, then you will be taken to Moneris to pay for your request.


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