Early conferral

Early conferral

In extenuating circumstances, there may be times when you need to be conferred ahead of your scheduled ceremony. There is a process where you may request an early release of your diploma.

What steps do I need to take to seek approval for early conferral?

Please note: this process is currently only for undergraduate students. Graduate students must reach out directly to Grad Studies.

  1. Review the Issuing Diplomas in Advance of Convocation policy.
  2. Confirm that you are eligible to graduate with an Academic Advisor.
  3. Make sure you are not currently enrolled in courses.
  4. Gather all the required documentation to support your request. Outline the specific reasons why the diploma is required in advance.
  5. Complete the Early Conferral Request form.
  6. Submit a Service Request in Mosaic and attach your Early Conferral form as well as all supporting documentation.
  7. Return to ‘My Service Requests’ to view the status of your request.

When can I apply for an early conferral?

You can only apply for an early conferral in a term you are not enrolled in. For example, if you finished your last courses required for your degree in December, you can apply for an early conferral as early as January.

If you finish your final courses in April, you are not able to apply for an early conferral in May or June. This is because the next Senate meeting you can be conferred in is the meeting in which all graduating students are conferred.

If you have completed your classes in April and need documentation showing you have completed your degree requirements for employment, further schooling, etc., you will need to download an “approved to graduate” letter from your Mosaic Student Centre when it becomes available in late May. Please be aware this letter will only become available once your Faculty has finished its review of all students. This process begins in early May and is completed by late May.

Application deadline

All early conferral requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the next Senate meeting. For a schedule of Senate meetings please visit this website.

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