Re-read appeal application

A re-read appeal is when a student questions their grade or the assessment of their performance on a piece of work or a program component and alleges error in the academic assessment of their work on the part of an instructor or a committee.

In order to qualify for a re-read, the piece of work or program component must be worth 10% or more of the final course grade. The results of which are final and cannot be appealed.

How to submit your application

  1. Review the details regarding a re-read appeal on the McMaster Secretariat website.
  2. Download the re-read application (Form A) from the Secretariat website.
  3. Complete the application and save it to your computer.
  4. Pay the $50 re-read appeal fee via online banking to your McMaster student account. Your account will be charged accordingly.
  5. Submit an ‘Appeal a Grade’ Service Request in Mosaic and provide your online banking confirmation number in the comments.
  6. Attach the completed form to your Service Request.
  7. Your Faculty Office will follow up with you to let you know about the results of the re-read appeal.
  8. If your grade is successfully increased, the $50 fee is refunded to your student account.

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