Third-Party Sponsorships

Students Sponsored by Third-Party Organizations

Please send or advise your sponsors to send your Financial Guarantees/Sponsorship letters to Please direct all third-party sponsorship inquiries to

How it works:

The student’s Sponsorship letter is received by the Accounts Receivable office. The Accounts Receivable team will transfer the tuition and supplementary fees that are covered by the sponsor from the student’s account over to the sponsor’s account with McMaster.

Student’s will see this on their student account under Payments as “Deferred to Third Party”.

From there, we will bill the third-party sponsor directly. Fall term invoices will be e-mailed to sponsors October/November. Winter term invoices will be e-mailed to sponsors February/March.

Any fees that are not covered by the third-party sponsor are the responsibility of the student and regular interest and late fees will apply.

Sponsorships may exclude the following items:

If the sponsor does not cover Health and Dental insurance, it is the responsibility of the student to opt-out through the MSU (Undergrad) or GSA (Grad) before the respective deadlines.

Students who successfully complete the opt-out process must first pay the Health and Dental Insurance fees on their student account up front, as they will receive reimbursement from the MSU/GSA directly.



If the sponsor does not cover UHIP, it is the responsibility of the student to contact International Student Services to see if they are eligible for an exemption under a pre-approved health-care plan.

If the sponsor covers Campus Store charges, we cannot ‘transfer’ these fees over to the sponsor’s account the same way we can for tuition and supplementary fees.

These charges will remain on the student account until approval and payment from the sponsor is received. Any interest or late fee accumulated due to Campus Store charges covered by a sponsor will be reversed.

Sponsors will receive a separate invoice for these Campus Store charges.

Students, if you make additional Campus Store purchases throughout the semester, please email to advise us to ensure we do not miss billing your sponsor for these fees. Learn more about campus store purchases