Budget & Fee Estimator 2023-24

Estimated expenses

Estimated resources and income

Tuition fees + supplementary fees + user fees = amount due on your student account

*Disclaimer: Always cross-reference these results with your Mosaic student account. If there is a discrepancy with the calculator, go by your account summary.

Tuition fees

  • Tuition is charged at a board-approved base rate per unit that is specific to each faculty.
  • A typical course is 3 units, however, some faculties (i.e. Engineering, Nursing, etc.) offer courses that are weighted higher, and therefore, worth more than 3 units. The last digit of the course code indicates the unit weighting for a particular course (e.g. ENGLISH 1A03).

Supplementary fees

  • Supplementary fees are mandatory fees charged in addition to your tuition. These fees help support campus-wide services.
  • The only supplementary fees that you can opt-out of are the MSU’s Health and Dental plan, from September 1 to 30 through a separate online opt-out process.

User fees

  • Academic, Financial and Administrative User Fees are over and above assessed academic fees, supplementary fees, residence fees and meal plans fees.