If you are ineligible to continue at the University (i.e. your result of session on your last academic review was “May Not Continue at University” or “Required to Withdraw”) and you wish to apply for reinstatement, you must submit a Reinstatement Request Form by the appropriate deadline.

Consult your faculty’s website for specific guidelines regarding the requirements for reinstatement. You may be asked to include some of the following information:

  • a summary of the relevant circumstances surrounding your academic situation during the last session attended
  • reasons for reinstatement at this time
  • reasons for selection of courses/program indicated
  • activities since last registered at the university, including all academic work

Reinstatement is not guaranteed. If you have questions or concerns regarding reinstatement, please contact the faculty office associated with your program(s) of interest.

Submitting a reinstatement application

  1. Complete the reinstatement application form.
  2. Submit a Service Request in Mosaic and attach the completed form.
  3. Pay the $100 non-refundable reinstatement application fee to your McMaster student account. Your account will be charged accordingly.
  4. Your Faculty Office will follow up with the results of your request for reinstatement.

Submission deadlines

Fall/Winter Session September Entry June 30 
Spring/Summer Session – May Entry April 1
Spring/Summer Session – June Entry May 15
School of Nursing Feb. 15
Faculty of Humanities July 15





Please note: the Faculty of Science does not consider requests for reinstatement for the Spring/Summer session.

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