Request proof of degree awarded

The Approved to Graduate/Post-Graduate Work Permit letter is available if you have a graduation status of ‘Approved to Graduate’ in Mosaic. Official transcripts stating your degree awarded and conferral date will be available the day after convocation. Please only request a letter or transcript if necessary for reasons such as immigration, employment, admission etc.

Follow these steps to make sure your credential is available as soon as possible:

  1. Complete the graduation tile in Mosaic by the deadline of October 31.
  2. Before submitting a request, check your graduation status in Mosaic.
  3. Once your Mosaic Student Center is updated to ‘approved to graduate’ by your Faculty Office you can request a verification letter.
  4. Download your letter or submit a Service Request to order your credential.
  5. Visit our Transcript Request Page in Mosaic after convocation to order your official transcript stating your degree awarded.

Reviewing is completed by your Faculty. Thank you for your patience as the Faculty Office completes reviewing and your request is processed. Requests made too early will be cancelled. Please remember to follow the steps for timely processing.

Have follow up questions? You can connect with Student Services via our online chat.

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