Degree Verification

Employers and other third-parties

McMaster University has partnered with AuraData, Canada’s online education verification system for the purposes of verifying Undergraduate and Graduate degree completion status of McMaster University graduates for employers and other external parties. For degree verifications please visit the AuraData website. Please note Medical degrees must be verified through the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine.If you require a student to provide a letter of enrolment, they may request/produce a letter through the Mosaic Student Centre.

Recent Alumni

If you have been asked to provide Verification of Degree, you may do so through the Mosaic Student Centre > My Academics > Enrolment/Financial Letters > Degree Awarded Letter. 

Accessing the Letter:

You can select where you would like to have this message sent; cc your email address to receive a copy as well.

Input the address to print on your copy, print if off and drop it in the mail.

Printer friendly – save the letter as a PDF, you can then print it off, forward along or keep for your records.


Current Students

Current undergraduate students –  you can check the Mosaic Student Centre >My Academics > View my Advisement Report or contact their Faculty Academic Advisor to determine if they  have completed all of their degree requirements before graduation.