Electives and Minors

Looking for an elective course to round out your studies? Have an interest in an area outside of your degree studies?  Check out the elective course offerings and minors/thematic areas of study.

2017-18 Elective Courses:


Minors consist of at least 24 units of course work (normally with no more than six units from Level I).  Specific course requirements for Minors are set out in the program description in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Minors are available to students enrolled in four- or five-level programs (exception: Medical Radiation Sciences).

Interested?  Check your program information in the Faculty section of the Undergraduate Calendar for any subject area exclusions.

Please see the Minor information in the Undergraduate Calendar for futher details.


Not all courses are available each year. As well, it is the student’s responsibility to check carefully for prerequisites, corequisitesand enrolment restrictions. All courses have enrolment limits. The Faculty cannot guarantee registration in courses for minors, even when prerequisites have been met.

Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas are designed to assist you in choosing courses in areas of study, where  Bachelor of Arts (B.A) programs do not currently exist.


Website Outage:

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Enrolment Tips

Registering for a full-year A/B course?  Ensure both the A and B sections are added to your schedule. When dropping or cancelling an A/B course, ensure both sections are updated.