International Student Authorized Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students studying with a study permit may request an authorized leave to pause their studies for a defined period of time, if all eligibility requirements are satisfied.  Approval from the student’s Faculty or program office and subsequent arrangements should be finalized prior to the start of the authorized leave.  

Graduate students can apply for a Petition of Special Consideration or a Parental Leave by submitting the required application forms to the School of Graduate Studies via Mosaic Service Requests.


Authorized leaves may be granted for the following reasons:  

  • Medical or parental leave,  
  • Military service in another country,  
  • Family emergency,  
  • Death of a friend or family member,  
  • Other reasons as approved by the Faculty or program office.  

Students attending the University under a study permit who will not be enrolling in the next expected term or are withdrawing from all courses in the current term can follow the steps below to request an authorized leave of absence: 

  1. Contact their Faculty or program office and request an authorized leave.  
  • Discuss eligibility requirements for an authorized leave of absence. 
  • Consider the impact on academic progress. 
  • If the leave is approved, develop an academic plan for a successful return to studies.   
  1. Connect with International Student Services
  • Discuss impacts on immigration status and requirements including the Post Graduate Work Permit. 
  • The IRCC will only recognize leaves up to a maximum of 150 days for students to still be considered as actively pursuing their studies.  Visit The Government of Canada – Your conditions as a study permit holder in Canada  for more information.  
  • Students studying with a study permit have several conditions they must meet in order to maintain their eligible status in Canada.   These conditions are found on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website as follows: Your conditions as a study permit holder in Canada.  
  1. International Student Services or your Academic Advisor will create a Service Request in Mosaic on your behalf. 
  1. Complete the Authorized Leave of Absence Request form and attach it to your Service Request.  Please note that leave request forms received by email are not accepted.  You may be required to provide documentation to support the reason for their authorized leave.  
  1. Your Faculty Office will process or decline the request for an authorized leave in Mosaic Service Requests.  Please monitor the status of your Service Request. 
  1. If the leave is approved, the Registrar’s Office will issue an authorized leave letter to provide to IRCC documenting the authorized leave.   Please submit a Parchment order for an Undergraduate Verification Letter. 

Return from Authorized Leave: Students are encouraged to inform their Faculty or program office of their desire to resume their studies. Students who fail to return from their authorized leave by date specified in the terms of authorized leave may not be permitted to return as planned and academic progress may be impeded. An authorized leave from clinical placements, co-ops, internships, or other experiential learning course components may have additional requirements for return.