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  • Take advantage of the tools in the Mosaic Student Centre to plan your course selections before enrolment begins.
    • Mosaic > Student Centre > Academics > Plan
  • Bookmark courses in My Planner for quick access when adding classes to your Shopping Cart.

What is My Planner?

The My Planner function in Mosaic is your opportunity to bookmark courses for future study. My Planner allows you to plot your classes for the duration of your academic career (from admission to graduation); it helps you organize your required and elective courses, to ensure they are completed for graduation.

By adding courses to My Planner, you bookmark them for easy access to add to your Shopping Cart when the Final Class Timetable is released.

NOTE: Adding courses to your planner is not the same as enrolling in a course. My Planner can be used at any point during the academic year, while you can only enrol after your Enrolment Appointment opens.

Search and add to My Planner

Sign in to Mosaic. Navigate to Academics > Student Centre tab > Academics > Plan. Use “Browse Course Catalogue” or “Plan by My Requirements” to add courses to your planner.

  • Browse the Course Catalogue (alphabetical list)

Select courses by title and add them to My Planner

The Course Catalogue searches an alphabetical list of courses offered. The menus expand to reveal all courses offered in a specific subject. Select courses to add to My Planner by clicking the “Add to Planner” button at the top or bottom of the page. Return to My Planner by navigating to the “My Planner” hyperlink at the top of the page, under the “Plan” tab.

NOTE: School of Graduate Studies and Centre for Continuing Education courses are also listed here.

  • Plan by My Requirements

As you plan or enrol in courses, you can select courses from My Requirements.

Navigate to Mosaic > Student Centre > Academics > View my advisement report.

The My Academic Requirements page identifies the status of your required courses as one of the following:

    • Blank – no action has been taken on the required course
    • Taken – unit requirements are satisfied
    • In Progress
    • Planned or in Shopping Cart

To add a course from My Requirements to My Planner:

    • Select the course title in the description column.
    • Select the Add to Planner A highlighted notification will appear at the top of the screen confirming the course’s addition to My Planner.
    • Select “Return to My Academic Requirements” to add more courses to My Planner or review other requirements.

NOTE: Once you have added a course to My Planner, a blue star will appear in the Status column on the My Requirements page.

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