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Step 1: Use the Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart allows you to set up courses for when your Enrolment Appointment opens.

  • You are not fully enrolled in courses until you have followed all 3 steps of enrolment:
  1. Shopping cart
  2. Check for conflicts and Confirm classes
  3. Finish enrolling/view results
  • Enrol in courses by term.

TIP: For Fall/Winter registration, it may be useful to open two tabs in your browser (one for fall and another for winter courses).

What is the Shopping Cart? How do I add courses to it?

The Shopping Cart is a feature in Mosaic that allows you to prepare for enrolment before your Enrolment Appointment opens.

Navigate to Mosaic > Student Centre > Academic > Enrol.

Choose the term in which you want to enrol in courses. Select classes to add by searching through the Class Search (quickest and easiest), My Requirements or My Planner.

    • Search for classes you would like to enrol in and move them into your Shopping Cart (Step 1 of enrolment).
    • You have the option to add multiple classes to your Shopping Cart from My Requirements or My Planner.
    • The courses in your Shopping Cart will appear in the highlighted area on the Add Classes page. 
    • Preview the dates, times, room numbers, and instructor of the courses added to your Shopping Cart.
    • Choose the tutorial, lab, or lecture section you want to enrol in.
    • If you wish to delete courses from your Shopping Cart, simply click the trash can icon.

When using the Swap function, you can access your Shopping Cart to choose a class that you wish to add.

NOTE: The Swap functionality is not available for CCE students. CCE students must use the Add and Drop functions.

TIP: You can add multiple classes at once to your Shopping Cart.

What is a Class Number (Nbr.)?

NOTE: The easiest way to enrol in courses is by using the Class Search function, not the Class Number.

The Class Number is a unique 4 to 5-digit course identifier that can quickly and easily access a specific lecture section when searching for or swapping courses. For example, PEACEST 4B03 C01 has a different Class Number from PEACEST 4B03 C02 because the lecture session numbers are different.

You can find the Class Number (e.g. 12543) when using the Class Search function in Mosaic (Student Centre > Academics > Search).

PEACEST 4B03-CO1 (12543)

The Class Number is listed beside the Course ID / Course Code in parentheses. When browsing My Class Schedule, the Class Number is listed beside the Course Section (e.g. C01).

When enroling in courses the first search option is by Class Number.

Add to course selection. Enter Class Number

What does “Multi-Term” (MT) mean?

The multi-term course, usually stretching from September to April, is a common offering at McMaster. While the content of these courses will stay the same, the course names will get a subtle but important change with the introduction of Mosaic.

“MT” is also a grade that can appear on your transcript for all terms of a multi-term course except the final term. The final grade and academic units show in the final term of the course.

 How do I add a Multi-Term course?

Multi-term courses will now be explicitly shown as existing in multiple terms and each course term will be identified uniquely with a letter. “A” for the first half and “B” for the second half. For example, Sociology 1A06 becomes 1A06A and 1A06B. Courses that last 12 months will be split into “A, B and C” courses. Students who enrol into the “A” course are automatically enrolled into the “B” course (and “C” course, if applicable). If a student chooses to drop either the “A” or “B” course, both courses are dropped at the same time.

When you add a multi-term course to My Planner or your Shopping Cart, you must register for the “A” course (e.g. ARTSSCI 1D06A). If you attempt to enrol in the “B” course of a multi-term sequence, you will receive an error message.

Error: not allowed to enrol. You are attempting to enrol in the "B" course ofa multi-term sequence. You must go back to the appropriate term and register for the "A" course.

  • Choose the section and tutorial or lab that you want

How do I select Labs and Tutorials in Mosaic?

As you add classes to enrol, you will be prompted to choose a lab or tutorial section in the first step of the enrolment process, “Select classes to add – Related Class Sections.” Once you have chosen a lab or tutorial section, you can proceed to enrol in the class.

Some labs or tutorial options are limited based on which lecture you enrolled in.

  • Before continuing to Step 2, you can add other classes to your Shopping Cart

Step 2: Confirm classes

  • When your Enrolment Appointment opens you can proceed to steps 2 of the enrolment process.
  • When enrolling, you can select courses you’ve already added to My Planner, search the Course Catalogue, or select courses directly from My Requirements.
  • Enrolment appointment details:
    • Spring/Summer enrolment begins on March 18, 2019; Enrolment Appointments are not required for Spring/Summer term.
    • Fall/Winter Enrolment Appointments will be posted on Mosaic > Student Centre
    • Once your Enrolment Appointment opens, it stays open. You can add, drop or swap classes until the end of the drop and add period (view sessional dates here).

How do enrolment appointments work?

NOTE: Enrolment Appointments are not required for Spring/Summer term.

Enrolment appointments are used for enrolment into Fall/Winter undergraduate courses. View your Enrolment Appointment date and time in Mosaic through Student Centre > Enrolment Dates panel.


When your Enrolment Appointment opens in Mosaic, you can enrol in courses. You are able to add/drop/swap courses until the end of the add/drop period.

You can also find your Enrolment Appointment date in the Academics section on the Student Centre tab. Select Enrol > Term Information > Enrolment Appointment > View my enrolment dates.

Navigate to Open Enrolment Dates to see your Enrolment Dates by Session.


  • Once you have Added Classes, select “Proceed to Step 2 of 3” to finish enrolment in your chosen classes.

Step 3: Check for conflicts and finish enrolling

  • Select “Finish Enrolling” to move courses from your Shopping Cart to your timetable.
  • A status report for enrolment confirmations and errors is generated.


  • Once you’ve successfully enrolled in your course(s), you can:
    • Make a Payment
    • View My Class Schedule (updated with your most recent add/drop/swap courses)
    • Add Another Class

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