Visiting Student/Letter of Permission (LOP)


McMaster Students – Applying for Letter of Permission (LOP)

Students may request to take a course at another institution for credit towards their McMaster degree. To apply through Mosaic, please follow the steps noted below to complete your LOP request.

How to Apply for an LOP

To request an LOP, follow these steps:

  1. Search course equivalencies by University for LOP credit. If the course has not been previously reviewed or approved for course equivalency credit, it can be submitted for consideration through Step 3 of 4: Request Additional Courses. Additional information, including the course description will be required as part of the request submission.
  2. Navigate to: Student Centre tab > Academics section > My Academics > “Apply for Letter of Permission.”

Step 1 of 4 1

  1. Select “New Application.”
  2. Choose the term in which you want to take courses.
  3. Choose the university you want to attend.
    • In Mosaic, universities are assigned an ID number. Entering the name of a university will return an error message.
    • Search for a university by clicking the magnifying glass icon m-glass.
      • Browse the list provided, or
      • Search for a specific institution by choosing “Description” from the dropdown menu at the top.
    • Upon selecting an institution, the institution ID will be entered for you.

Step 2 of 4 2

  1. Request courses
    • Search for the School Subject and Course Number using the magnifying glass icon m-glass.
    • Manually enter Course Name and Number of Units if applicable.
      • For some institutions, the Course Name and Number of Units will automatically populate on the form.


Step 3 of 4 3

  1. Request additional courses.
    • Can’t find your courses? If you’ve searched course equivalencies – by University for LOP credit – and if the course has not been previously reviewed or approved for course equivalency credit, it can be submitted for consideration. Additional information, including the course description will be required as part of the request submission.
    • If possible, enter the course syllabus description and a hyperlink (URL) to this information.


Step 4 of 4 4

  1. Add or update comments if necessary.
  2. Carefully review your application before submitting it for processing. If you need to make changes, select the “Previous” button to return.
  3. Submit your application.
    • It is important to only click “Submit” once. A “Saved” notification will briefly appear in the top right-hand corner of your window (see screenshot below).
    • After you’ve clicked “Submit,” scroll up to verify that your LOP application has been submitted (see screenshot below)


How to print your approved LOP:

  • Once all course work has been deemed “Approved” by your Faculty/Program office, you MUST print your Letter of Permission and send it to your host university.
    • A “Print” button will appear in Step 4 of 4 (see screenshot below).


LOP Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for making a formal application to the institution where they intend to study as a visiting student.
  • Students are responsible for checking on the status of their LOP application.
    • Student Centre tab > Academics section > My Academics > “Apply for Letter of Permission.”
    • Faculty/Program offices are responsible for approving LOP applications.
  • Once the LOP course work had been deemed “Approved,” the student MUST print the Letter of Permission available in the Student Centre and send it to the host university.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring transcripts for courses taken at another institution are sent directly to their Faculty or Program office to ensure their record is updated with the result of the course. Transcripts are not to be sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students must achieve a grade of at least C- (60%) for transfer of credit. The transcript designation reads T, indicating Transfer, when a grade of C- or better is attained.
  • If a student decides to not complete LOP course work, he/she must contact the Associate Dean (or Program) Office. A student may be required to provide appropriate supporting documentation to prove course cancellation and/or lack of attendance.
  • If no transcript is submitted for the LOP, a grade of NC (no credit) will appear on the student’s record.
  • Final Year Students expecting to graduate – transcripts for LOP courses must be received in the Faculty or Program office no later than:

Health Sciences Spring Convocations: May 1
Spring Convocations: May 15
Fall Convocations: October 15


  • Students cannot use Mosaic to enrol in courses at other institutions.
  • Students wishing to take McMaster courses with on Letter of Permission courses are required to contact their Faculty/Program Office.



Visiting Students – Attending McMaster on LOP from Another Institution

If you are a student attending another university, you may apply to take McMaster courses for credit at your own institution. Please note, not all courses are available for credit outside McMaster and all are subject to enrolment limits.

New Visiting Students:

Step 1: Apply 

Step 2: Submit your LOP and Official Transcript to the Admissions Office

McMaster University
Admissions – Gilmour Hall 109
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8

Please include your OUAC application reference number when submitting documentation to McMaster. Inclusion of your application reference number allows for faster processing.

Step 3: Accept Your Offer

If this is your first session at McMaster, you must respond to your Offer of Admission.

 Returning on an LOP?

  • If you are a returning visiting student, no need to re-apply, however, you must send an updated Letter of Permission and a current official transcript from your home institution to the Office of the Associate Dean of the faculty offering the course at McMaster.
  • If you are attempting to register in courses offered by more than one Faculty, you must obtain approval from each Office of the Associate Dean.

 Step 4: Enrolling in Courses

  • Students from another university taking McMaster courses for credit at their home institution, must enrol in courses in Mosaic. Your Enrolment Appointment will be posted in Mosaic.
  • Mosaic will only allow a student to register in courses which their home institution has approved.
  • Courses approved will have the requisite requirements waived.
  • If course permissions are required, you must first obtain permission from the department offering the course before enrolling.
  • All courses have enrolment capacities and are on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

To see a list of courses offered, please visit the Class Search. If you have any additional questions about McMaster course offerings, descriptions, or academic policies, you can find them in the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar.

Step 5 – Requesting a Transcript

Your home institution will require you to submit a transcript after completing your McMaster courses. You can request an official transcript through the Mosaic Student Centre > My Academics > Request Official Transcript.

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