Transfer from Canadian colleges of arts & technology

Students with a college background are assessed on a case-by-case basis and admission is by selection. Most McMaster programs have enrolment limits and admission is by selection. Possessing the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

College applicants will typically apply to Level I programs. Some programs will base admission decisions from college performance while others use only high school. Transfer credit may be available.

How to apply

Applicants apply for transfer using the online OUAC application. Information regarding application dates, deadlines, and admission requirements is available at Future Students.

English language proficiency

College transfer students may be required to pass an acceptable English language proficiency test.  Acceptable tests and their respective minimum score requirements, along with information on English Proficiency waivers, can be found on the English Language Proficiency page.

Program-specific information

Select your Faculty and find the minimum admission requirements for the relevant Level I programs:


The information on this page is only for Level I. Can I apply to a program above Level I?

Applicants applying from college are generally considered for Level I entry, but may be eligible for transfer credit. Please refer to the faculty-specific information for more details.

What if graduated from a college outside of Canada?

While the information on this page is geared to those who have graduated from a Canadian college of arts & technology, it can be used for general reference for other college programs as well. Ultimately, each applicant is assessed on an individual basis to determine eligibility.

What if I graduated from a vocational college?

Vocational programs are not considered as part of the assessment for eligibility.

Can I be assessed on my high school grades instead?

When you apply, you will be required to submit transcripts from all previous institutions attended. The admissions committee will use their discretion to determine eligibility based on all of the information provided in the application and supporting documentation.

How do I report extenuating circumstances?

If you have extenuating circumstances that may impact your academic performance, please reach out via this site’s chat function. You will be asked to submit a Request for Special Consideration form. We can direct you on the process and what is required for us to assess your situation as part of your admission. The deadline for form submission is May 1st.