OSAP Course Load Calculator


This course load calculator is intended to help you determine your course load for OSAP. Your full-time status with OSAP depends on your program, level, and disability status. This calculator is not intended to determine your full-time status with McMaster. Students are considered full-time by McMaster in any term in which they have at least 9 units of enrollment, regardless of program, level, or disability status.

Based on your search selections, your course load is broken down above. This represents the number of units that make up a 100% course load (for both the full year and for one term), and a 60% and 40% course load for one term.

*Disclaimer: Always cross-reference these results with the Academic Calendar. If there is a discrepancy with the course load calculator, go by the Academic Calendar.

In most cases, one course = 3 units.

Reminder: this tool only applies to undergraduate programs. Graduate programs don’t have course load percentages, you are either enrolled in a full-time grad program or a part-time grad program.

Finding your percentage

To find your course load percentage for each term:

  • Divide the number of units you’re enrolled in by the 100% course load for one term
  • Example: enrolled in 9 units, 100% is 15 units: 9/15 = .6 or 60% course load

Spring/summer courses

If you’re taking courses in BOTH the spring and summer sessions, use the same calculation above.

If you’re only taking courses in ONE OF the spring OR summer session, divide the 100% course load for one term by 2 and then divide the number of units you’re enrolled in by that number.

  • Example: enrolled in 3 units, 100% for one term is 15 units (15/2 = 7.5): 3/7.5 = .4 or 40% course load

Am I part time or full time?

If your course load is below 60% for your program, you are part-time. If your course load is above 60%, you are full time.

Students with a disability

If you have a documented permanent disability, OSAP considers you full time if your course load is above 40%. Permanent disability documentation needs to be provided to OSAP.


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