Student Responsibilities

In its commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals, McMaster University makes available numerous tools and resources, including the Undergraduate Calendar, Academic Advisement reports and academic advisors. However, students must assume certain responsibilities. They include:

  • Meeting admission requirements for a program and applying by the stated deadline.
  • Selecting courses that meet the program requirements.
  • Completing courses in an order that meets prerequisite requirements.
  • Becoming familiar with and respecting Sessional Dates, the general academic regulations (see General Academic Regulations section of the Calendar) and the Faculty/program/school specific regulations as found in the appropriate section of the Calendar.
  • Experience has shown that students who do not follow these guidelines may experience academic consequences such as cancellation of registration in courses, completion of courses that are not counted towards their degree, or delayed graduation.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, students are expected to:

  • Become familiar with and respect the Senate Policy Statements (see Senate Policy Statements section of the Undergraduate Calendar).
  • Pay fees within the prescribed deadline.
  • Be aware that changes to course load and program may affect eligibility for government financial aid (e.g. OSAP and out-of-province loan programs), University financial aid (e.g. bursaries and work programs) and scholarships.
  • Consult with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in a timely manner to make the necessary accommodations for special needs.

Access to Courses

McMaster’s policy on access to Undergraduate courses is designed to ensure resources are properly managed while enabling students to register in required courses so that their program admission requirements and course requisites can be met, and their program of study is not extended.

  • Enrolment capacities are set on all undergraduate courses taking into account enrolment projections along with resources, enrolment trends and type of course (required or elective).
  • If need exceeds approved capacity, enrolment capacities for courses will be reviewed and may be adjusted.
  • Faculties and Department Offices are responsible for determining which courses require seats held back. These holdback seats must be managed so that students are able to complete program admission requirements, meet course requisites and register in courses required to meet their program of studies in a timely manner.
  • Where students are selecting from a list of required courses, access to a specific course is not guaranteed when there is another course available to meet a specific degree requirement.

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