Entrance Awards 2019-2020

Note: All entrance award decisions are complete for this year. If you are the recipient of an entrance scholarship, you can view the value and monitor its disbursement on Mosaic.

Your next steps

Accept your offer of admission to McMaster: Close all OSAP applications for other schools/programs you are not attending.

Check your admission portal in Mosaic for Aid & Awards updates: Watch for the value of your award to display as “Pending Aid & Awards” in your Account Summary in the Mosaic Student Center. You do not need to accept your award, it will automatically be posted to your McMaster student account.

Satisfy and maintain all eligibility requirements: Refer to your Letter of Congratulations or Memorandum of Understanding specific eligibility requirements.

Getting your award 

Entrance scholarships may be awarded based on a student’s final admission average. If you are the recipient of an entrance scholarship, it will be automatically credited to your student account to pay any fees owing after the add/drop deadline.

Your awards will appear as “pending aid” on your account summary until it is ready to be disbursed. Once the deposit is initiated, the value of the award will disappear from pending aid. Over the next few days, “pending aid” will be removed, and the deposit will be complete. Please allow 5-7 business days for the transaction to be reflected in your student account.

If you have paid all of your tuition fees, the remaining balance of your award will be deposited into your personal bank account.

Award values 2019-2020

President’s Award

  • $2,500 awarded for a final admission average of 95% +

Honour Awards

  • $1,000 awarded for a  final admission average of 90-94.99%
  • $750 awarded for a final admission average of 85-89.99%
  • $500 awarded for a final admission average of 80-84.99%


Please refer to your Letter of Congratulations for specific award criteria and values. More information on entrance awards for your faculty/school:


Marjorie Anderson Entrance Academic Grant for Indigenous Students

  • Value: $80,000 ($20,000 per year)

Adella Margaret Bragg Scholarship 

  • Value: $12,000 ($3,000 per year)


Please refer to your Memorandum of Understanding for specific award requirements.

  • Value: Award values vary


Loran Scholarship

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Please visit our future students site for information about 2020-2021 Entrance Awards.

Once we initiate the deposit of the award, its value will disappear from “Pending Aid” in Mosaic. Over the course of a day or two, the pending aid is removed and the deposit is completed. Please allow sufficient time for the transaction to complete and the funds to display on your account.

If you have paid your fees in full and have a credit on your student account, due to the deposit of an entrance scholarship, you can request a payment via cheque or direct deposit by emailing refunds@mcmaster.ca. Student Accounts & Cashiers (Gilmour Hall, Room 209) routinely issues refunds to students with a credit balance.

Students must enrol in the fall term to remain eligible for an Honour Award. Registration in, or transfer to, another program of study and/or a change in course load may result in forfeiture or adjustment in the value of the award. Students are advised to consult with the Office of the Registrar prior to making any changes to their program of study or course load.

It’s not necessary to accept your Honour Award via Mosaic. At the end of August, awards will be granted to eligible students and the award value will show as ‘pending aid’ on Mosaic. Funds are deposited to your student account after the add/drop date in September.

Important Dates & Deadlines

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