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Kanonhweratónhtshera known as “the words that come before all else” is a foundational teaching of the Rotinonhshyón:ni (Haudenosaunee) and frames our existence within a living, spiritual and relational universe. Recited in the morning and evening, before all events and gatherings, it is intended to focus minds and hearts towards unity, thanksgiving and peaceful co-existence with creation.

The creative intelligence of the natural world is acknowledged and spoken to as family. This encourages people to take care of, love and be responsible for the environment: within us, moving outward from self and upward to the cosmos. This video is a much shortened version. The full version requires a whole day of recitation and includes a tremendous amount of poetic description in acknowledging the connection between the physical and spiritual from ideas to manifestations.

Kanonhweratónhtshera reminds us to be thankful. This is important for individual and global wellness. Tehahenteh (Frank Miller) writes, “When we direct our energy and thanks to each part of creation, a condition is created that strengthens the relationship with that entity and we in turn receive the energy and benefit of its purpose. This concept referred to as ‘good mind’ in turn brings us peacefulness and balance to our mental and physical condition of wellness. This unity is now transformed as our minds become as one, and materializes as oneness of strength, between all elements in this creation.”

Kanonhweratónhtshera reminds us of the importance of living in balance. After it is recited, we aim to proceed in a peaceful state.

Santee Smith

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