Historical Transcript Legend

McMaster’s Transcript legend changed in 2015 to reflect changes in academic terminology as a result of the Mosaic implementation.

This page outlines the Transcript legend used prior to March 2015:

The official results of Undergraduate courses are reported as letter grades. The averages are calculated using the grade point scale shown. Instructors may submit the results of a course on a percentage scale. The Office of the Registrar is authorized to convert the percentage mark to the official letter grade as indicated in the equivalent percentage scale.

Undergraduate, Centre for Continuing Education, and Independent Careers Grading Scale
Effective September 1982  – March 2015

A+ 12 90-100
A 11 85-89
A- 10 80-84
B+ 9 77-79
B 8 73-76
B- 7 70-72
C+ 6 67-69
C 5 63-66
C- 4 60-62
D+ 3 57-59
D 2 53-56
D- 1 50-52
F 0 0-49

For the purposes of satisfying prerequisite requirements a grade of at least D- is required unless otherwise stated.

Current Averages

Sessional Average (SA) is a weighted average based on all grades attained in a session. A weighted average of 9.5 is equivalent to first class standing.

Graduation with Distinction is based on a minimum of 9.5 average over the entire programme of study.

Deans’ Honour List standing is based on a minimum 9.5 average on at least 30 units since last assessed.

Provost Honour Roll is based on a 12.0 average on at least 30 units since last assessed.

Course Credit

Undergraduate courses are rated in terms of units. A unit normally consists of one lecture hour per week per term or one laboratory period of not less than two and not more than three hours per week per term.

Discontinued Grading Systems

Valid up to and including Summer School 1974

Grade Percentage Range
1 Grade 75 – 100%
2 Grade 66 – 74%
3 Grade 60-65%
C 50-59%
S Supplemental 40-49%



Letter Grade Percentage Range
A 80 – 100%
B 70 – 79%
C 60 – 69%
D 50 – 59%
E 40 – 49%
F 0 – 39%

A final grade of E (40-49) may be accepted for credit on condition that the student has an overall weighted average of 55% and that the number of units with marks in the range of 40-49 does not constitute more than 20% of the units required for the Year. Otherwise final standings in this range will be treated as failures.

VR indicates that credit has been refused for this course. It will be counted as an attempt, but will not be included in the calculation of averages.

Discontinued Averages

The following averages were discontinued in September of 1993 when the University’s current Academic Regulations came into effect, except for those students who graduated in the Spring or Fall of 1994.

University Average (UA) is computed on the grades obtained in all courses since the last review of student standing.

Cumulative Area Average (CAA) is computed using the best 80% of the grades obtained in courses taken in the discipline beyond Level 1.

Graduation Average (GA) is used to determine the standing of a student at the time of graduation computed on the grades in a minimum number of courses taken in the discipline, depending on the programme taken.

Graduate Legend and Current Grading System

M.B.A. September 2012 to March 2015
All Other Graduate Studies Programs September 2002 to Current

A+ 12 P+
A 11
A- 10
B+ 9
B 8
B- 7
F 0

Note: Grades in graduate courses are reported as letter grades. Averaging of letter grades must be done using the McMaster 12-point scale.

Discontinued Graduate Grading Systems

Graduate Studies from September 1982 to August 2002

Mark Pass/Fail



M.B.A From January 1970 to August 2012

Mark Pass/Fail
A+ 9
A 8
A- 7
B+ 6
B 5
B- 4
C+ 3
C 2
C- 1
F 0



Graduate Studies From January 1970 to August 1982

II(1) or IIII(2) or II – III



M.B.A. From January 1970 to August 2012

Official Grade / Class Standings

1 Class Standing
1 Class Standing
1 Class Standing
2+ Class Standing
2- Class Standing
3 Class Standing
3 Class Standing
3 Class Standing
3 Class Standing
F Failure



Graduate Studies Up to January 1970

J – Grades in the same subject in a
later session also covers this season



M.B.A. Up to December 1969
700 level courses

Mark Grade
1 Grade 75 – 100%
2 Grade 66 – 74%
3 Grade 60 – 65%
F Failure Below 60%



600 level courses

Mark Grade
1 Grade 75 – 100%
2 Grade 66 – 74%
3 Supplemental 60 – 65%
F Failure Below 60%



Course Credit

Prior to September 1995, all M.B.A. Courses consisted of a full session of study (12 weeks) represented by a blank “Credit” area on the transcript. From September 1995, M.B.A. Courses vary in credit value and length; a full session course (12 weeks) is represented by a credit of 1.00; a half-session course (6 weeks) by a credit of 0.50.

Graduate Course Designations (to March 2015)

Graduate courses are rated as Full, Half or Quarter courses. An asterisk (*) denotes a Half Course. A pound (#) denotes a Quarter Course.

AUDStudent attended at least 80% of classes

Designation Description
CER Graduate Certificate Course – effective September 2004
Passing Standard is: B-
D Doctoral Graduate Course – effective September 2002
Passing standard is: B-
DIP Graduate Diploma Course – effective September 2004
Passing standard is: B-
EC Extra Course – effective September 2002
Passing standard is: B-
M Master’s Graduate Course – effective September 2002
Passing Standard is: B-
PGC Prescribed Graduate Course – discontinued August 2002
PUC Prerequisite Undergraduate Course – discontinued August 2002
REC Required Extra Course – discontinued August 2002


AEG – Aegrotat
AUD – Audit
CAN – Course Cancelled
COM – Complete
DEF – Deferred Examination
DNW – Did not write
EXC – Excellent
E* – Credit Granted
F* – Failure by default
ILL – Illness
INC – Incomplete
IP – In progress
MED – Not completed for medical reasons
N/A – Not applicable
NC – No Credit
NMR – No marks/grades received at this time
P – Passed
P+ – Passed with distinction
R – Repeat
RR – Repeat or replace
SAT – Satisfactory
UNS – Unsatisfactory
U/S – Unsatisfactory
VR – Voluntary refusal of credit


TM – Term in which course taken
MEDIAN – Median grade/number of students in course

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