MyTimetable: Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyTimetable?

MyTimetable is an online self-service tool that enables undergraduate students to find an optimal and conflict-free timetable and provides direct enrolment into classes.

Who can use MyTimetable?

All undergraduate students can access and use MyTimetable. At this time, MyTimetable is only available to undergraduate students.

How do I access MyTimetable?

Undergraduate students can access MyTimetable two ways:

• By logging into Mosaic and clicking the MyTimetable tile on the homepage
• Clicking the MyTimetable link in the Student Centre in Mosaic
Once logged in, you will be able to search, sort, select your optimal timetable, and enroll.

When can I enroll in my courses using MyTimetable?

Undergraduate students can access MyTimetable during enrolment periods. This includes both priority and open enrolment periods for undergraduate students.

To review enrolment dates, click here.

Is MyTimetable accessible?

Yes. All functions of MyTimetable are compatible with screen readers. Click Increase Accessibility on the bottom left-hand side of the navigation screen to enable this function.

Are all courses listed in MyTimetable?

All available undergraduate courses are in MyTimetable.

Before your enrollment begins, you can still access MyTimetable. You can save schedules to your favourites and easily pull them up when it’s your time to enroll. You can also add courses to your shopping cart and validate it to ensure that you meet the prerequisites for the course.

To add courses to your shopping cart:

  1. Search for and select the classes you want (see below).
  2. Once you have found your ideal schedule, click on ‘Get this Schedule’. On the next screen under ‘Action’ you’ll see that it has been set to ‘Add to Cart’.
  3. Click on ‘Do Actions’ and the ‘Results’ column will update to let you know that it has been added to your shopping cart
  4. Click on ‘Return to ‘Select Courses’
  5. Click on ‘Validate Shopping Cart’ to see if you meet the prerequisites for the courses you plan on taking.
  6. View the results for each course and make changes as needed.

NOTE: Even though these classes are in your shopping cart, you are not enrolled yet and a spot is not held for you. You will have to wait until enrollment opens for you before you can successfully add these classes.

How do I add courses to my list?

  1. Select a term
  2.  Search for a course: In the search box start typing any of the following options:
  • Course code (e.g. ENGLISH, ENG 1A03) or
  • title (e.g. Literature in English: Shorter Genres) or
  • instructor’s name (e.g. Jeffery Donaldson).
  1. Select the desired course from the list that appears.

Repeat steps 2 for all desired courses for the term. Conflict free schedules will generate and appear in the right column. You can go through all options and choose your optimal schedule.

How do I remove a course?

To remove a course, click the ‘x’ in the upper right-hand corner of the box for that section. To unselect a course without removing it from the list, remove the check mark left to the course code.

How can I enroll in my courses?

Once your enrolment appointment opens and you’ve created the timetable you want, click Get This Schedule. From here, click Go to Enroll and you’re done!

It is recommended that you enroll as soon as you can after choosing your timetable, because while the information on whether or not a course is full updates all the time, it is possible that a course which was not full when you were creating your timetable in My Timetable might be fully enrolled by the time you register.

How do I drop a course that I’m already enrolled in?

If you’re currently enrolled in a course, the word Enrolled will appear under the course code in the left hand column.

To drop this course:

  1. Click on the ‘x’ in the upper right-hand corner of the box for that course. The box will now be grey and the drop down menu in the box will show ‘Drop Course’.
  2. Click on ‘Get this Schedule’ in the right hand column.
  3. Click on ‘Do Actions’ and ensure that you receive a success message in the results column.

What if I am already enrolled in a course(s)?

If you are already enrolled in a course(s), your current timetable will be preloaded in MyTimetable and you will be able to review them when you log in.  You can also add and remove courses in MyTimetable.

How do I pick my labs and/or tutorials?

All associated course components including labs and/or tutorials display in your timetables in order to ensure you can select the most optimal timetable based on all factors. You do not need to search for labs and/or tutorials.

How do I choose a specific lab and/or tutorial?

By default, My Timetable will generate schedule for all sections. If you are looking for a specific core, lab or tutorial, you can select the combination from the drop down menu found in the box for that course.

Can students enrol/drop my classes from the VSB?

Yes, students can enrol/drop classes directly from MyTimetable. This will be immediately reflected in MOSAIC.

How to add a 6-unit multi-term A/B course to your timetable?

When you select a 6-unit course in the fall term, and place it in your shopping cart, the A portion of the class will display.

The B portion will not display in the winter term until you have ENROLLED in the fall term.

Tip:When selecting a 6-unit multi-term A/B course in the fall term through the shopping cart, make sure to block the same time in the winter term. This will help you plan for both fall and winter. Once you have ENROLLED in the fall term, your timetable will automatically display the B portion in the winter term.

When you enrol in a 6-unit course, you will be enrolled in both the fall and winter term automatically.

Fall term:

Winter term: Once enrolled in the fall term, you will now see MyTimetable has added the B portion to the winter term.

What if I select courses but no results appear?

This means that a conflict free schedule cannot be generated from the combination of classes you have selected. Try unselecting one at a time using the checkbox found in the top left hand corner of the course, to see if conflict free options appear.

My academic advisor has help me pick my courses, should I still enrol using MyTimetable?

MyTimetable can provide students with different timetables, even if specific courses are encouraged.

Can a student search for a class during a time that they already have a class enrolled?

Yes. Unpin the enrolled class and search for the desired course. The results section will display alternative schedule options.

I’ve added too many courses or have made too many changes, can I start over?

In the left hand column, under the last course you have selected, there is a ‘Start Over’ button. This will allow you to start from the very beginning. Any courses that you are currently enrolled in will appear.

How can I check course requirements and prerequisites?

You can continue to find course requirements and prerequisites in the Academic Calendar . You can also review the catalogue description in MyTimetable – just click show more on each class in the left-hand column.

Where can I see what day & time a course is being offered?

After searching for a course through the Add Courses section, the date and time of the class will appear on the timetable in the results section.

Where is the location of each course listed?

After searching for a course through the Add Courses section, the location of the class will appear on the timetable in the results section, under each course.

What if a course is full? Is there a wait-list option?

No, at this point McMaster University does not offer a wait-list for full classes.

How does MyTimetable know if a course is full?

The class and enrolment information is refreshed every 30 seconds.

How do I know if a class is offered in the Spring or Summer term?

Under the Generated Results column, the term the specific class is offered is located to the right of the course title. Below the schedule, you can also scroll through your timetable week by week and view how long your classes run over the months.

Too many timetables have been generated, how do I pick one?

If you come up with too many schedule possibilities while selecting courses, we recommend reducing the number of enabled classes or pin some classes before adding more courses. This will help you narrow down a timetable.

How can I sort the schedule results?

Click ‘Sort Preferences’ on the right-hand side of the screen include:

  • None
  • Most days off
  • Morning classes
  • Mid-day classes
  • Evening classes
  • Time off campus
  • Most on-campus

Based on what preferences you may select; the sequence of your results may change.


How does a student block off time slots in their schedule?

This is called Time Blocking. You can click and drag to block out certain times.  It will appear grey once you have done this.

This won’t remove any timetables, just re-order the results so the ones that work best with your personal time constraints are at the top of the list. This way, you can really see all of your options and make an informed decision about what works for you.

How does a student remove the blocked-off time slots from their schedule?

To remove the blocked off time slot, you may simply click on the grey area for the time slot that you no longer want to block. The blocked off time slot will be removed to show you are available.

What does pinning a course mean? Do students need to do this in order to enrol?

When you find a particular course section that you really want to keep, pin it down and the list will eliminate any timetable options that don’t include your pinned course or section. You can click to pin right on the time grid or in the list of courses. Now when you sort through, the system will hold that class constant and sort other combinations again. Just click again to un-pin.

What does it mean when a class is unpinned?

When a class is unpinned, this may provide more possible schedule results to display searched classes during the day and time of the unpinned class.

How do you decrease the number of available lectures/lab/tutorial combinations?

When trying to decrease the number of available lecture/lab/tutorial combinations, do NOT deselect the individual lecture/lab/tutorial checkboxes on the left.

Use the dropdown menu to pin a class or scroll through the Generated Results to pin a preferred class.

How can I save a timetable to refer to later?

Click Favorite’ at the top of the page. This will open a new panel and all timetables that a student favourites can be found here. A student may save 5 favourite schedules and this be done before enrollment opens.

NOTE: Placing a timetable in ‘Favourites’ will NOT reserve a seat. Please complete your enrolment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I print my selected timetable?

Click the ‘Print Schedule’ link in the top left corner of the Results section.

Why are the courses different colours and what do they mean?

Each course is given its own unique colour so that it makes it easier to track the course from your search column to your results column.

“Unable to add this class – requisites have not been met.”

Please check the Undergraduate Calendar to ensure that you meet the prerequisites for the course. If you meet the prerequisites and you are still receiving this error then please contact an academic advisor from your faculty. 

Available seats are reserved/You do not meet the reserve capacity criteria

A certain number of seats are reserved in each section for students who are required to take this course, along with a certain number of seats for students taking the class as an elective. If this is an elective course, these seats have been filled. You can try another section or keep checking back on Mosaic to see if a seat has opened up or choose another available elective. If this is a required course, try enrolling in another section of the course. If you are still experiencing issues then please get in touch with an academic advisor from your faculty. 

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