Graduand FAQs

Q. I need a letter indicating that I will be or have graduated. How do I obtain this?

A. Students can access one of the following letters through Mosaic > Student Centre > Enrolment/Financial Letters:

  • Approved to Graduate
  • Degree Awarded

These letters are available based on your current academic standing in relation to graduating.


Q. I have completed all of my degree requirements, can I get my diploma now?

A. Normally, you must wait until after your scheduled convocation ceremony before you may obtain your diploma as the degrees are officially conferred during the ceremony.  However, under exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for you to obtain your diploma before your scheduled ceremony (for example, if you have secured employment abroad and you diploma is required for a work visa). In order to make a request to obtain your diploma early, please submit your letter and all supporting documentation to Leanne Ruiz in Gilmour Hall 108, or via email


Q. Is a copy of my transcript included with my diploma?

A. Transcripts are not provided with a student’s diploma, however, students are able to run an unofficial transcript or request an official transcript through Mosaic >Student Centre > My Academics > Transcript.


Q. I will not be attending convocation. How can I get my diploma?

A. Diplomas are available two weeks after the last day of Convocation and can be obtained one of the two following ways:

  •  Mailed:  You may request in the Graduation Information Centre (GIC) that your diploma is mailed to you. A $25 fee is required for processing and mailing costs.
  •  Pick-up: Diplomas can be picked up in Gilmour Hall 108 beginning two weeks after the last convocation ceremony has taken place. There is no charge to pick-up a diploma.

Q. Can someone else pick it up for me?

A. Graduates may elect to have someone else pick up their diploma on their behalf from Gilmour Hall 108. The designate will be required to present photo ID for themselves and provide written authorization from the graduate (including the graduate’s McMaster Student ID number and signature). You may notify the Office of the Registrar of your intent to: attend (or not attend) your ceremony; pick up your diploma; or have your diploma mailed to you, by completing the Graduation Information Centre online form.


For questions related to tickets – please visit the Convocation Tickets page.