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  • As you add, drop or swap courses, your Mosaic timetable will be created and available for you to review.
  • From the Student Centre, follow the “Weekly Schedule” link.
  • Sort your Class Schedule by list or calendar view.
  • Change the term selected from the “List View” page.

How do I print my personal timetable?

Print your timetable from the “Printer Friendly Page” after the Display Options panel (bottom right corner).personal timetable screenshot

How do I search for a course to fit my schedule?

Use Mosaic to search for courses based on a time or location. Navigate to Student Centre > Academics > Search. Expand the Additional Search Criteria section to access extra search options. Set the “Meeting Start Time” and “Meeting End Time” to your desired timeslot. To filter classes by date, select a specific day of the week and review what is available.

Your Weekly Schedule is populated as you enrol in courses, not as you add courses to My Planner. If the course you’ve enrolled in has days and times scheduled, they will appear in three places:

    • Course Selection (under the “Plan” tab)
    • My Weekly Schedule
    • In the Course Catalogue (under the “Search” tab)

If the course has yet to be scheduled, it will not appear in your Weekly Schedule.

  • Have a spot you want to fill?
    • Use an Unassigned course from My Planner (one that’s not planned for a specific term)
    • Search by date, time of day, or subject
      • Student Centre > Academics > Search > Additional Search Criteria 


      • Student Centre > Academics > Enroll > Add > Search > Additional Search Criteria

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