Mohawk & Conestoga Nursing Students

Offer of Admission (New Students)

New McMaster nursing students who will be pursuing their degree at Mohawk College or Conestoga College will receive registration and fee instructions in the mail. Please follow the mailed instructions from your college and McMaster University.

Accept your offer of Admission and mail the acceptance to:

Ontario College Application Services (OCAS)
370 Speedvale Ave. West
P.O. Box 810
Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 6M4

Contact Information:
Telephone: (519) 763-4725
Toll-free: 1-888-892-2228 (in Canada only)
Fax: (519) 763-4866

McMaster Information Package:

Starting mid-June, McMaster University will send each accepted applicant information including your McMaster student number and barcode which are required to create your MAC ID to enter Mosaic.

Academic Counselling:

Academic counseling sessions with your Academic Advisor will be held in late June or early July; information will be sent by email. Mohawk and Conestoga College students will contact Jennifer Kopczinski for academic advising.

You will be enroling on Mosaic in the Student Center tab. A list of your courses can be found in the current McMaster University Undergraduate Calendar. Follow the links to the School of Nursing and look for the “Curriculum for the BScN Program.” Your courses will be found under either the “Basic (A) Stream” or the “Post Diploma RPN (E) Stream.”

Note: You must register for all of your fall and winter term courses. This includes required courses and electives.

Personal Course Timetable

Your personalized timetable with be available in the Mosaic Student Center after you have enrolled in your courses. Some room locations may not be determined until closer to the start of the Fall term.

Financial Aid

All financial aid programs are administered by Mohawk College or Conestoga College. When you apply for OSAP, select your college as the institution. For more information contact the Financial Aid office at your College.

Program Withdrawal

If you are unable to continue your course of study following registration, you must inform your college in writing of your decision to withdraw. Submit your withdrawal letter along with your McMaster registration confirmation and validated ID card to:

Jennifer Kopczinski
Academic Advisor, BScN Program
McMaster University, School of Nursing
1280 Main Street West, HSC-2J36
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8

You will be held responsible for fees assessed if you fail to comply with this request.

For further information, please visit your College website:

Conestoga College

Mohawk College

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