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McMaster University’s exchange program is administered by International Student Services. To find out more about the program please visit their website.

Incoming: Full or Partial Year

If you are attending McMaster on Exchange from another institution you will enrol in your respective Faculty in Level 3, using Mosaic.

Your Enrolment Appointment is communicated in Mosaic (noted on the right hand menu in the Student Centre tab).

If you are at McMaster for the Winter term only, please enrol for your courses as soon as your Enrolment Appointment opens in June.

Outgoing: Full or Partial Year

If you are studying on Exchange at another institution for a full year or part of the academic session you will enrol for your courses using Mosaic.

Your Enrolment Appointment will be noted in Mosaic — on the right hand menu in the Student Centre tab.

When you access Mosaic you may notice a limit to the number of units you can enrol in during your McMaster portion of study.

You should contact an academic advisor in your Faculty Office to prepare for enroling in Mosaic. You will need to work with the advisor regarding the course units you will be taking on exchange. Since you will be enroling for the exchange courses through Mosaic, the Faculty Office will need to issue permission for you to enrol in exchange courses.

If you wish to make course changes after enroling, contact your Faculty/Program Office.

Returning from Exchange

If you were studying on Exchange during Winter term of the previous academic year you will be able to enrol for the upcoming year using Mosaic.

Your Enrolment Appointment will be posted in the Student Centre tab on Mosaic.

If the transfer credit for your exchange courses do not yet appear on your student record and you need a course as a prerequisite, please contact your Faculty/Program office and speak with an academic advisor.

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